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My process-based works are examples of practice as meditation and healing. My studio's white walls present themselves as a neutral ground, reassuring me of its intended provision for contemplation. Inside of this space, I explore what balance and openness can look like when handling my materials. Like any balancing act, I also take to its contrast, keeping in mind the uniqueness that comes in producing a single brush stroke or mark. Large stretched canvases and broad brushstrokes form a vernacular that use my whole body to create. As I move, I become a part of the painting, the canvas absorbing my meditative state, reflecting a nurturing balance of emotions. In an epoch of chaos, the space we use to engage in creation is sacred, and I am continually working to keep it so by expressing my innermost self against its walls.


Sarah Nicole is a visual artist and curator based in Minneapolis. After receiving a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in 2018, she began producing exhibition opportunities and community events - taking inspiration from her contemporary research. Sarah currently works with the Minneapolis-based organization, Public Functionary, and maintains a studio practice within their program.


She has exhibited her work at Miami Art Week with Good To Know, at Sure Space Gallery, at Lanesboro Gallery, at Waiting Room Gallery. She is in the permanent collection of the Wasserman Projects.

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