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Although I never formally trained as an artist, I had a very artistic upbringing. Both my parents being artists themselves meant that weekends were filled with museum trips and foreign films. Traveling was also a priority and opening our minds to other cultures and different ways of “seeing” was not negotiable.


Of course as a child, I resented this, but today I could not be more grateful for those teachings. 


I often experience creativity and inspiration as a head rush. My heart fills with admiration and more emotions than I can handle. From that moment on I am committed to an unspoken agreement between that inspiration and myself to express it in my own ways.

I find myself most drawn to old things, with a profound appreciation for handmade crafts: particularly detailed objects such as a piece of lace, or carved wood.

I work from intuition and don’t ask too many questions. 

Sugar happens to be my medium, flowers my passion and art a way of life. 

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