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The Heart series surfaced during the Covid pandemic, while I spent more time with myself. In that time I was forced to explore more inward, with extended days being isolated. Repetition has always been a pattern in my work, and sometimes an obsessiveness in repetition. In our daily lives, we often repeat the same thoughts, patterns and are conditioned to repeat. The hearts in the collages translate love, calmness, and peace. Something that can unfortunately be rare to find at times. More rare and much more needed, especially in the year 2020.


Born and raised in New York City, an artist, teacher, and dog lover. I continuously explore different mediums and often combine them through collage, mixed media, and digital resources. There is often a repetitive and meditative approach to my work. Exhausting and focusing on the idea of a single symbol, like a flower, or heart. Influences of meditations and self healing and nature. Which surfaces my work to reflect positivity, a powerfulness, light and happiness!


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